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ABOUT Lauren Delarge

Hi I’m Lauren (most people call me Loz) I have over 10 years of experience as a tattooist and I have a degree in Fine Art from Birmingham School of Art. I am proficient in most forms of tattooing but my passion is full colour, colour realism, neo traditional and new school. I take influence from nature, pop culture, literature and music. I especially enjoy creating caricatures for both artistic commissions and tattoo designs. Pets are a firm favourite but I love doing people too! I absolutely love working on one of a kind designs and I am always trying to expand my creative portfolio, so I welcome your ideas for quirky designs! I see my future in tattooing as always striving to better myself artistically, honing my technical skills and specifically hoping to diversify into more niche areas of tattooing such as areola tattooing. I also love to travel ,guest spot and work conventions so I can share ideas with fellow tattooists and meet people


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