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ABOUT CONNOR • senior artist

Connor has recently progressed to become one of our senior artists in delicate, floral colour work and game art.

Connor has 3 years’ worth of experience under his belt and since joining our team he is developing more skills and continuously building on his techniques.

When it comes to game art, he has a passion for casework i.e. large, complex pieces all centred around one theme such as comics, TV shows and popular games. He also has a brother with autism, which you may not at first think is relevant to tattooing, but in fact it has helped shape him into a sensitive, patient and understanding person which can be really important for anyone who has any reservations about being tattooed.

Connor has particular interest in horror pieces and micro-realism, which we are keen for him to add to his portfolio in the near future as he builds his career.

Connor is an absolute gentleman who has a deep passion for wildlife – he loves cooking his vegan recipes – I think he’s a secret chef! Although, he’s yet to cook for us 😉


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