New School Style Tattoos

New School tattoos are a modern, intriguing and unique adaptation of more traditional American styles. Arguably gaining popularity in the 1990s, these designs are great for those who have their eyes set on a large, vibrant piece. 

They often feature neon bursts of colour, as well as bold linework. You will also commonly find exaggerated, cartoonish depictions of the subject being tattooed. 

This style is definitely eye catching and by often making references to pop culture, is sure to attract attention, 

New School is heavily influenced by Anime, comic books and video games. They are easily customisable and this is why they are a common choice for people looking for a personalised design to represent a hobby or interest.

If you are looking for something experimental and perhaps even a bit on the freaky side, this style is definitely something that pushes the boundaries of tattoo artwork.

Speak to our artists and see what wonderful creation we could conjure from your initial inspirations.



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