Cheap tattoos? Not on our watch!

According to the French proverb, “You buy cheap tattoos, you pay dearly” – a saying that resonates with us all here at Underground Tattoo Studio when we’re questioned over our pricing.

Whilst not wishing to justify our existence, we thought we’d use this opportunity to give you the lowdown on the costs involved in running a thriving tattoo studio in Walsall.

The first thing to consider is location, location, location. Premises don’t come cheap and a happy medium needs to be achieved. Factors such as footfall, road access and parking all add to the cost of premises, and let’s not forget the legalities of VAT and other on-costs legally required by H M Government. We’re incredibly proud of our shop front and feel that we’ve got it right for our customers. A dingy backstreet basement or attic would be cheaper, but which would you rather been seen going in and out of?

Next, let’s talk about your tattoo artist. Tattooing isn’t a skill you magically wake up with one morning. All of our team at Underground Tattoo Studio Walsall have become the skilled artists they are by years of training in their craft. Not only does the cost of your tattoo pay their wages, it also pays for their experience. Let’s not forget the work they’ve put in before your sitting, creating your custom design for you. Every artist is insured – again, something that we’re guessing gives you peace of mind when they’re stabbing you with their tiny tattooing needles


As any tattoo aficionado will know, body art takes time, which is another factor when it comes to the cost of your tattoo. Some larger pieces such as sleeves or backs can take several sittings and the hours, inevitably, mount up.

Now let’s turn our attention to equipment and supplies. Inks, needles, disposables, sterilising equipment. We think you’re getting the drift. With stringent hygiene standards to adhere to, cleanliness of the salon is also high on our list of costs – but would you have it any other way?

A tattoo, or piece of body art, is a lifetime investment and one that we want you to remember for all the right reasons. So, before you baulk at the price of that full sleeve, or that portrait tattoo, just think what goes in to running a business and maintaining our high standards that we’ve worked hard over the years to achieve.

To put it in restaurant terms, if you want Michelin Starred food, you don’t pay McDonalds prices, and if Underground Tattoo Studio was a restaurant, we’d definitely hold a Michelin Star or three!


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