New School Style Tattoos


New School Style Tattoos New School tattoos are a modern, intriguing and unique adaptation of more traditional American styles. Arguably gaining popularity in the 1990s, these designs are great for those who have their eyes set on a large, vibrant piece.  They often feature neon bursts of colour, as well as bold linework. You will … Read more

Neo Traditional Tattoo Styles


Neo Traditional Tattoo Styles Neo Trad is an immensely popular style of tattoo artwork boasting vibrant colours and bold, thick line work in black ink.  Images depicted in Neo Trad often involve flowers, animals and portraits of women.  This is a very illustrative and dense type of artwork, expanding on Traditional American tattoo styles by … Read more

Fine Linework Pieces


Fine Linework Pieces Fine linework is a style of tattooing that could arguably be better described as a technique, as there are various artistic styles that can be can be made with fine lines. Minimalism is a style that often comes to mind when we think of fine linework. This focuses on delicacy and almost … Read more

Dotwork Tattoos


Dotwork Tattoos Dotwork tattoos have grown in popularity over the past few years and are now considered a popular desired tattoo to choose when getting inked. The art of tattooing is ever developing. As artists experiment with this technique, it’s often combined with other tattoo styles to create an intriguing tattoo piece. A dotwork tattoo … Read more

Cheap Tattoos? Not On Our Watch!


Cheap tattoos? Not on our watch! According to the French proverb, “You buy cheap tattoos, you pay dearly” – a saying that resonates with us all here at Underground Tattoo Studio when we’re questioned over our pricing. Whilst not wishing to justify our existence, we thought we’d use this opportunity to give you the lowdown … Read more

Colour Realism Tattoos


Colour realism tattoos ―Colour realism is a fine art style that captures the full and realistic colour of an object and how it transforms and relates to surrounding sources of light. ​ Colour Realism Tattoos are becoming more popular because of their incredible aesthetic appeal. The Beauty in Everyday Objects Realism tattoos can be a … Read more

The History of Tattoos


From Ancient Times to Modern Day Tattooing has been practised across the globe since at least Neolithic times, as evidenced by mummified preserved skin, ancient art and the archaeological record. The History of Tattoos The vast majority of the world’s population today is covered in tattoos. There are many types of tattoos, and it is … Read more

Black and Grey Tattoo Ideas


Black and Grey Tattoos An insight into one of the most popular modern body art choices: black and grey tattoos.  Greyscale ink has produced one of the most popular styles of tattooing throughout history. It’s popularity from as early as the Renaissance era can be attributed to how commanding a statement can be made with … Read more

What Are Dotwork Tattoos?


What Are Dotwork Tattoos? Dotwork, also known as pointillism, is a tattooing technique where the images and tones are created through hundreds of tiny dots. This is a form of artwork that has existed for centuries, developing from the basic ‘finger-painting’ technique, where concrete images could be formed through blurring layers of small circles. Dotwork … Read more


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